Every Disney song, from worst to best

Here is a list of every. single. Disney. song. ever, all listed from worst to best . . . this post at COS was written by Allison Shoemaker and Dominick Suzanne-Mayeron, but I don’t know whether they personally ranked all the songs.

Things make a real, lasting mark on your brain when you’re a kid. That encompasses the fears, loves, insecurities, dreams, and other things one will likely describe to a therapist as an adult, but other things stick, too. Songs, especially. The impulse children have to press “play” over and over and over again can leave all kinds of wonderful and sometimes useless things stuck in your head. It’s part of why creating entertainment for children can be so meaningful, because with some talent and skill, it’s possible to give a young person a song they’ll carry with them for decade after decade. Well after they’ve stopped thinking about the works of A.A. Milne as anything but some stories they liked when they were young, one can hear the phrase “Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood” and know immediately what comes next, and what comes after that. That stuff lingers. It lasts. It matters.

Okay, I must admit I don’t remember “Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood” at all. Maybe I would if I played the video. Which I could, because if you click through you will find that videos of each song are embedded in this very long post.

There are 267 songs total, of which the one at the bottom is “Kanine Krunchies” from 101 Dalmatians. I don’t remember it and nothing about the title inspires me to play the embedded video. Let me jump way ahead and look at the top twenty . . . where do you suppose “A Whole New World” is ranked? I got pretty sick of it personally, seemed for a while like you couldn’t turn around without hearing it . . . ah, #17. Yeah, even I kind of like it again now that I’ve recovered form my serious song-overdose.

I see “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King is listed as #19. Well, I hated that song, but then I didn’t like anything about the movie except the animation. Yeah, “The Circle of Life” is #4 and I hated that one too. I know, kind of Bah, Humbug, but there it is.

“Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast is #16. Now, that one I loved. Lots of great songs in that movie. Yep, I see several more are listed here in the top 20, including the one at #2, “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Let it Go” from Frozen is #9. Someday I really must actually watch Frozen. By the time I get around to doing that, I may be the actual last person in the country to see it. Okay, well, now at least I’ve watched the video of “Let it Go,” so that’s something, right?. Fine song, but not melodically the equal of most of the songs from Beauty and the Beast, imo. Honestly I think Beauty and the Beast has to be counted the overall standout when it comes to the songs.

Anyway, great post, especially if you have time to click through and watch some video snippets.

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3 thoughts on “Every Disney song, from worst to best”

  1. I really don’t get the love for FROZEN or Let it Go, although the Teen is aware of several variants on the song (let it grow (plants), let it flow (water), Let it Burn, even a my little pony version, ) and our family’s favorite is Chemists Know partly for what it gets into the lines…”Snow looks white, ’cause it’s scattering light elastically.
    Atoms are everywhere I look, though none of them can be seen. Molecules have always been a challenge to resolve….
    Maybe using some spectroscopy!
    For centuries, we didn’t know. Well now…we know!”
    Not the sort of words usually found in lyrics. That guy’s good, he’s done quite a few.

    Beauty and the Beast had several excellent melodies (which we got totally sick of when the not yet Teen was in a youth theater performance of it) , but for fitting the story instead of stopping it for a production number I think the Princess & Frog was the best of the recentish movies.

  2. Biggest problem with a post like this is that it leaves you with a song – of some sort – stuck in your head. The same 8 words that you remember from the song spin through your brain the rest of the day. I’m saddled with “The Circle of Life” for the foreseeable future ..

  3. Stop! …. Too late, so am I now. I’m going to go have to listen to something else to uproot “Circle of Life”.

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