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Here is a post that is not really relevant to writing or dogs or whatever else i normally post about, but is funny: Chuck Wendig’s reaction the the show Tiny House Hunters.

And here’s a short story from Marie Brennan at From the Editorial Page of the Falchester Weekly Review (A Lady Trent Story)

And here’s a unique question someone asked Janet Reid about the use of singular “they.” Of course the legitimacy of the singular “they” does come up a fair bit these days. Personally I’m not a fan, and besides I don’t want to mislead students since the English faculty here are not on board. Yet I find this proposed use oddly intriguing. It reminds me a bit of the formal plurals used in The Goblin Emperor.

Here is an excerpt from The Edge of Worlds, Martha Wells’ new Raksura novel, which just fyi ends on a something of a cliffhanger, though not the most dire cliffhanger of all time or anything. But more of a cliffhanger than we’ve seen before in the Raksura books.

Most dire cliffhanger ever goes to Barbara Hambly’s The Silent Tower, btw. I remember that vividly, since I didn’t have the next book available. Waiting to find out what happened just about killed me.

I guess The Two Towers is like that, too, come to think about it. But at least I didn’t have to wait to read The Return of the King.

Is there something about books with “tower” in the title?


Last, here’s an article about reader responses to covers and how finding out some details about those responses can guide publishers in marketing.

The digital book jacket did not call out to the kind of reader who was looking for edge-of-the seat suspense drama. A cat on the cover, no matter how viciously the feline stares at you, just does not hold the promise of an edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller. It was a case of great content let down by its packaging. In other words, it was the cover, stupid!

I’d have to see it, but I have to agree that a cat on the cover does not really suggest “psychological thriller” to me, either.

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3 thoughts on “Links you may enjoy. No, really, click through.”

  1. Hey Rachel, looking forward to more Black Dog stories in the future. I will get around to reading the latest Wells’ and Keeper when I get a moment…probable after finals.

    Anyway, I know dealing with people illegally sharing your work is probable nothing new as an author, but does your publisher handle that? I know it’s probable like dealing with weeds. Anwhoo, I bring it up because I saw this link on Wattpad when I was looking to see if you had an account. I browse Wattpad sometimes when I want to look for diamonds in the ruff and don’t feel the need to get heavily invested in a book.

  2. I saw a couple tiny houses at an art show this weekend. Those people are insane. Seeing them in person really drove home how ridiculous the whole concept is.

  3. Sarah, I’ve googled some pictures of tiny houses, and I can’t even imagine. No library? No real kitchen? Count me out.

    It’s funny because I seldom go into my study anymore — it’s where I used to have a desktop computer and so on — yet if that room was going to vanish, where would I put all my tax records, other important papers such as book contracts, and so on? Also, that’s where all my science books and writing reference books are. There’s plenty to be said in favor of just having space to keep your stuff in.

    Ev, thanks for pointing out that link. I suspect the publisher has some routine method of dealing with that kind of thing, because nothing of mine seems to be on Wattpad at the moment. I bet Random House has someone checking that kind of thing — I bet it’s a full-time job.

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