And so the TBR pile expands

My God, people, do you realize what is coming out in the first part of April?


Do you know how desperately busy I’m going to be in April? WAY TOO BUSY TO READ THIS. Especially since I am going to want to re-read the previous book, too.

You know what else I’m going to be too busy to read?



Although, I don’t know, sometimes I can slip a contemporary romance into my reading time even when I’m busy revising. Which I will be, because I am now officially late with The Winter Dragon or whatever the title will eventually turn out to be. Not very late, and I cleared this with my editor, but after talking it over with my agent, I really feel I need to do another moderately extensive revision of this manuscript before I send it in.

The Raven King is hopeless, though. I want to read the whole series from the top and there is just no way I will have time for that until fall.

I also haven’t yet read this one even though I grabbed it when it came out:


But that’s okay, because when it comes to McKillip, I particularly enjoy the anticipation.

You know what else haven’t even gotten to read yet, even though they both also came out earlier this month?



Unbelievable. I’m dying to read both of those, and I haven’t done more than read the back cover copy of either.

Here’s what it says about Fire Touched: Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost. See that? I bet they’ve defied Bran Cormick himself. That’s a great situation to drop everyone in! I’m going to love this book. It came out March 8th and I don’t even have a copy yet.

But! This one has shipped, Amazon says:


And I will MAKE TIME to read this one. I’m not sure there’s any other book I’m more looking forward to this year.

How about you, any of these new releases — or any other title — that you’re particularly excited about?

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  1. Ooh! I knew the new Mercy book was out, but I forgot about Marked in Flesh. I’ve got the signed, doodled in copy of Raven King preordered, though.

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