Guest post: wow, MIST has a lot of important characters

Here’s a guest post I wrote for Holly at The Fox’s Hideaway — a brief character analysis for The Keeper of the Mist. Well, for seven of the most important characters.

You know, when you give your protagonist three older brothers and two important friends and then go on from there, honestly, MIST may have the highest number of important characters of any of my books. Except maybe Black Dog, I guess.

Certainly makes it a challenge when a blogger asks for a guest post of this kind! It reminds me of that game or exercise or whatever it is, where you try to describe yourself or someone else with one word. At least I got to use a few sentences per character, so not quite that hard. But still.

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1 thought on “Guest post: wow, MIST has a lot of important characters”

  1. Oh, this sounds great! I really, really love having multiple siblings as important characters in books. Looking forward to this one.

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