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The world is filled with beauty

The Missouri primary is today and oh I am so tired of politics. What a stressful year. I’m sure we all need to be reminded that the world is still full of beauty. So, here:





quetzal flying mejor






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9 Comments The world is filled with beauty

  1. Rachel

    James, that sounds good to me!

    The moth is a rosy maple moth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in real life; pretty sure I’d remember it if I had!

  2. Rachel

    Okay, in case anyone else is interested, in order, the animals in the post are:

    A tricolor heron in breeding plumage
    Some kind of caterpillar — sorry
    A weevil, Eurhinus magnificus
    A pink dorid sea slug, Chromodoris bullocki
    A quetzel — I’m sure you all recognized that one, right?
    A Mandarinfish
    A rosy maple moth
    A lilac-breasted roller
    A jellyfish of some kind — what can I say, I don’t know invertebrates all that well
    A kestrel, which I know is not as brightly colored as some, but I’ve always loved kestrels and I liked the way this one is looking at the viewer

  3. Elaine T

    I love the kestrel photo, so does the bird-mad Teen.

    Have you seen the book BIRD by Andrew Zuckerman? Gorgeous photos of just birds, no settings, no nothing, just a bird (or two) on white. Stunning flight shots. The Teen got it for Christmas.

  4. SarahZ

    That caterpillar is amazing!

    We took the baby to the zoo for the first time last weekend, and the verdict: monkeys & meerkats are fun, iguanas are terrifying (which is a bummer because I like iguanas).

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