The Keeper of the Mist is out!

Which you probably know, especially if you very kindly pre-ordered it, since it should have arrived at your doorstep (or on your e-reader) yesterday.


So let me mention, in case you’re interested, that a blog tour for MIST is coming up. The Fantastic Flying Book Club kindly offered a book tour, and of course I jumped at the chance. Here is the schedule, with links.

The tour is starting March 15th. A total of 24 bloggers are participating, so let me offer my heartfelt thanks to them all here. I encourage you to click through and check out their blogs!

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8 thoughts on “The Keeper of the Mist is out!”

  1. I just started it and so far it reminds me of Goblin Emperor- which is a compliment ;)

    Do you want to be sent missing words etc. ?

  2. Linda, great! JJ, also great!

    MISSING WORDS??? Sure. Actually, I am surprised considering the layers and layers of copy editing. We shall blame random errors during the typesetting process (whatever that process involves in these high-tech days).

  3. There’s a weirdness in the Kindle (paperwhite version 7) edition in chapter 3, around location 500 (no page number). The text reads “The glassworks were mostly to the south and west on the other side of the river; Keri’s mother had taken her to see them once, ” …. etc. and so forth down the screen to … “She had hung that fiery bauble in her mother’s window” last line of the screen and then the ‘The glassworks…’ sentences repeat at the top of the next screen.
    Except when I fiddle with the font size to change how the text flows on the screen, the repeated text disappears. As I said, it’s weird.

    (Decides to poke further) It does not show in the copy I loaded into Calibre. Nor in the Kindle app. Probably a Kindle problem, not a type setting error. I’ll go off and prod Amazon about it.

    I’ll post a review on Amazon once I’ve reread it. I always have to let reactions to good books gell a bit.

  4. Thanks, JJ, I’ll pass that on.

    Elaine, how weird, but hopefully Amazon will wave a magic wand and make that stop.

  5. Huge congrats Rachel on the epic news that The Keeper of the Mist has escaped into the wild! Well done and hoo-rah and may you conquer all best-seller lists in the known universe (and the unknowns as well). Cheers!

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