Left brain / right brain

The left brain / right brain thing is probably overstated to the point of being totally misleading, and yet I must admit that this quiz is more interesting and fun that you might expect.

The close-one-eye thing was interesting; I wonder if the thing with drawing the letter “c” is kind of the same? The red-blue thing was VERY interesting. I finally chose red, but it was hard!

My favorite questions, and the most intriguing, were the ones with colors. I like flowing, pastelly, flowery kinds of colors and shapes, in case you’re interested.

The career choice with “novelist” being one alternative was kind of a forced choice for me, I guess.

The first time I took this quiz, I got 53% left brain, 47% right brain — surely us balanced people are objectively superior, right?

Well, the second time, just now, I got 60% left and 40% right. I think I know which questions I answered differently. Honestly, when it comes to attending either an academic talk or an art exhibit, how CAN you choose without knowing the subject of the talk?

Anyway, if you have a few minutes, you might enjoy taking this little quiz, even if the dichotomy in question is iffy.

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2 thoughts on “Left brain / right brain”

  1. I scored 73% left brain. Some of the choices were extremely hard for me. Learn a new language or a new art? Isn’t that the same thing? Would I rather be in a math class or an art class? Again, isn’t that largely the same, except that the art classes are nicer about grading?

    I also didn’t know what toy to give my 5 year old self. I basically lived on Legos and My Little Ponies. The ponies have always been my favorite, but without the legos how would I build my motorized pony death machines?

  2. THAT one was easy! Of all subjects ever, languages are my LAST choice to learn. NO gift for languages at all. I took Latin in college because there’s no such thing as conversational Latin, which made it much much easier for me.

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