Ravenclaw is okay

So, FINE, bowing to internet pressure, I finally bothered to register at Pottermore so that I could take the Sorting Hat quiz, which I’ve never taken before.

I should add that although I like the books perfectly well, I perhaps may not have been quite as invested in the outcome as some people who recently found themselves sorted into questionable houses by the new improved Sorting Hat.

It says Ravenclaw means wit, wisdom and learning. Sounds fine!

If you have recently taken the new quiz, did it agree with the old? Or do you feel your new assignment is ALL WRONG and you DON’T KNOW HOW TO COPE?

I did enjoy the Twitterstorm about this a few days ago, which is why I went ahead and took the quiz after reading this post.

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7 thoughts on “Ravenclaw is okay”

  1. The old quiz and the new one both say I’m Hufflepuff- which doesn’t feel right, as I’m lazy and antisocial, which both seem like ‘puff kryptonite. I expected to be Ravenclaw. My coping strategy was to go “huh, really?” and then get on with reading the cool snippets of info!

  2. That does seem odd! Well, a lot of people are saying their house doesn’t fit them. I think probably they should add another dozen questions.

  3. Apparently I might be Ravenclaw too, but sometimes Ravenclaws look like other houses and I have a bit of Hufflepuff masking. This isn’t according to Pottermore–Miriam Weinberg offered to sort people on Twitter and I took her up on it. The quizzes (both official and not) have never made much sense to me, but her explanation did.

  4. Yes, one does wonder why it matters whether you pick this specific toad or that specific owl as a pet. I picked the ginger cat, personally. If you’re going to have a pet, a cat is definitely better than an owl! And I’ve never had an orange cat, and I’ve always wanted one.

  5. I debated a bit between cat and owl, and then decided on the owl. But it’s a special case because it assumes a different reality. Normally, I’d choose a cat as a pet. Of course.

    I’m in Hufflepuff apparently. I feel like it’s the odd house out. It doesn’t lend itself well to caricature. Or maybe that’s just me, trying futilely to paint all its members in one broad brushstroke. I like the location of the common room, though! Right next to the kitchens. Mmm.

  6. I’m tempted to go take it and just vary one thing at a time and see what happens. Obviously an owl is cool and exotic, but not as good a pet — does that separate people on a realistic/dreamer axis, or what? Seems like a strange question for sorting.

    I agree about Hufflepuff being pretty much cast as the Boring House No Actual Character Ever Gets Sorted Into, and it’s too bad it wasn’t used instead to show how ordinary people are actually important. To mix up universes, I expect hobbits would mostly be Hufflepuff, where Aragorn would obviously be Gryffandor. Your comment about the kitchens is probably what makes me think of hobbits, but I bet that’s true.

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