Oh no, scientists are breeding giant insects!

A great post at Black Gate, I Don’t Mean to Alarm Anyone, But We’ve Discovered Giant Insects on Monster Island.

What could be better?

John O’Neill writes:

Seriously. Monster Island. Scientists at the Melbourne Zoo have now started breeding these giant insects, because apparently no one at the Melbourne Zoo has ever watched a single monster movie.

These are enormous flightless stick insects, and really, they are kinda scary looking — click through and see for yourself.

These guys were thought to be extinct, victims of the typical disaster that follows the introduction of rats into a fragile island ecosystem. I thoroughly approve of the new breeding program and hope it works beautifully.

My favorite giant arthropod, incidentally, of those I’ve encountered personally, were these wonderful foot-long centipedes in Venezuela. Black and red and yellow, shiny like they’d just been freshly enameled. Poisonous, of course, though not deadly. We were strictly warned against letting ourselves be bitten, though. Of course you should generally be careful of where you put your hands and feet wherever you are in the tropics.

You could actually hear these centipedes coming, a patter of little bitty feet.

I seriously admired these guys, but I can’t find a picture that looks quite right. The ones I remember were beautiful: absolutely jet black with bright red and yellow legs, and probably over a foot long.

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