Fantasy for Jane Austen Fans

Here’s a nice post from Barnes and Noble, about fantasy novels thought ought to appeal to readers who love Jane Austen.

I was pleasantly surprised, because usually bookseller posts seem to focus on new releases that the stores really want you to buy. They are thinly disguised ads, and it annoys me. But this post, by Kelly Anderson, almost seems to deliberate set out to identify quite old titles that are particular favorites of mine. Sorcery and Cecelia! What a wonderful choice.

The new title on this list is Sorcerer to the Crown, which I haven’t read but have on my TBR pile because I know a lot of you loved it.

I think the oldest is probably Sorcery and Cecelia.

There’s only one I hadn’t heard of, The Hanged Man, by P.N. Elrod. It sounds promising, though Elrod’s vampire novels were just okay for me. Has anybody tried this Victorian gaslamp fantasy?

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