Actually tasty cake houses

A post by Judith Berman at Book View Café, on making edible cake houses.

Production of a Yuletide cake house has become a tradition in my household. I don’t come close to having the skills of a professional baker; these are purely for entertainment (and eating) purposes. gingerbread houseOnce upon a time I made gingerbread houses (one of them is pictured at right), but I couldn’t get people to eat the house at the end of the holiday season. No one hugely loved gingerbread cookies, or the royal icing used for glue and decoration, plus the cookie house got stale. I felt, though, that the point of constructing something out of food was that you eat it.

Tastiness sounds like a definite plus to me. I don’t have many aspirations in this particular area of baking, but I would be happy to admire (and help eat) a house made of pound cake and mud cake. Mm, chocolate. Judith Berman gives a recipe, though I would leave out the bourbon because I can almost always clearly taste alcohol in cake and I always hate it. I might substitute a little more coffee.

Anyway, if elaborate baking is your thing, click through and enjoy the post and the pictures!

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  1. I’ve made cake houses the last few Christmases, although my technique is different (not nearly so fancy!). I just use a regular 8″ square pan and make a layer cake, frosted with homemade buttercream frosting around the outside. Then I stand a large Hershey’s bar in a groove on top as a brace and lean graham crackers to the edges to make a peaked roof, with very carefully cut graham cracker plates to cap the ends. Frost roof lightly with white frosting and decorate with various candies. It’s been popular, although it’s always hard to find the person who wants to make the first destructive cut. :)

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