Where to start with DWJ

Over at tor.com, a post on where to start with Diana Wynne Jones.

Of course everyone’s always got advice for where a reader might start with the huge backlist of a prolific new-to-them author. However, I admit I disagree with practically all of Alex Brown’s suggestions in this post.

Acknowledging that I am biased toward the first DWJ novels I ever read . . . as I suspect is true for many, if not most, readers . . . I would suggest:

For dog lovers: DOGSBODY, obviously. Not just a dog story, but overall one of DWJ’s finest works.


For quiet kids: THE POWER OF THREE. We don’t see enough quiet, introspective young male protagonists. This story offers one of the best — and has good female protagonists as well.

For those who love school stories: YEAR OF THE GRIFFIN, which to my mind stands quite well alone, though I love the prequel as well.

To catch up with pop culture: HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE, both the book and the movie. Now you can get all those references you’ve been missing! Plus, both novel and movie are really good.

Because it will always be one of my favorites: CHARMED LIFE, which I think is my own first-ever DWJ’s novel

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