The real velociraptor

So, has everybody seen all the Jurassic Park movies? Yeah, great special effects; no, not my favorite movies. Huge plot holes and ridiculous biology (frog DNA, God help us all). But I did happen across this snazzy article about Velociraptor, the real Velociraptor, which it turns out did not look very much at all like the one in the movie.

Visualize the ones from the movies, please.

Now check this out: Everything you know about Velociraptor is a lie.

Velociraptors were about 40 lbs, or about twice the size of one of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I’m just saying.

Speaking of semi-prehistoric animals, the next time Ish is barking madly in the pre-dawn yard and won’t come in, I am going out with heavy leather gloves and an old leather jacket and tossing that possum over the fence. I think its tiny marsupial brain can’t figure out how to climb a tree and cross to another tree outside the yard where it will be safe from spaniels.

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2 thoughts on “The real velociraptor”

  1. I read somewhere that the velociraptor in Jurassic Park is actually supposed to be deinonychus. Michael Crichton deliberately mis-named them because “velociraptor” sounds cooler.

    Of course a deinonychus by any other name should still have feathers.

  2. That would make sense! I mean, why use Velociraptors and then just make up how big they were? But I can understand Crichton going with the name he preferred. Frankly, “Velociraptor” is a lot cooler sounding than “Deinonychus.”

    But I do wish they’d put proper feathers on their dinosaurs. As far as I’m concerned, falsifying important facets of dinosaur biology is like telling a deliberate lie to the audience. Kids get interested in dinosaurs because of those movies and they think the image Jurassic Park gives them is real. And it’s not. And that’s too bad.

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