Happy 5-year anniversary to Andrea K Höst

I was tipped off via Chachic, so let me point you all to Andrea K Höst’s website, where she is celebrating her fifth year as a published author with a survey and giveaway.

I think we’re all pretty pleased Andrea jumped into self-publishing! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what she writes over the next five years — and many more, I hope!

Andrea’s survey asks what your favorite book of hers is, and since you can’t pick but one item, let me just say that yes, yes, Touchstone is indeed my favorite, but after that it is REALLY HARD to choose. Even though I am picking And All the Stars, it is really a tossup between that and the Medair duology.

Also very tough to pick one favorite non-pov characters, though for me it’s the guys. Illukar or Koaren or Aristide? Choices, choices.

And I still haven’t read Stained Glass Monsters or Pyramids of London.

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