The SFWA suggested reading list for next year’s Nebula

Via File 770, I see that for the first time, SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) is making its Nebula Suggested Reading List publicly available.

I’m not paying much attention to the shorter works yet, but the list of novels is fairly long and includes notes about how many times any particular work has been recommended so far. I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone to see that Naomi Novik’s UPROOTED is at the top of the list, with 16 recommendations. It’s immediately followed by Ken Liu’s THE GRACE OF KINGS.

Four titles have more than ten recommendations, twenty-five more than two, and a whole bunch one or two recommendations each.

Quite a few of the works are by the standard authors — I’m sure no one is surprised to see Ken Liu’s novel on the list, or Kim Stanley Robinson’s, or NK Jemisin. But I’m pleased to see a good number of lesser-known, newer, or debut authors on the list as well. A small number of novels were brought out by small presses, very small presses, or were self-published, including the 18th book on the list, with four recommendations: RADIANCE by Grace Draven.

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  1. Draven’s name sounds familiar… oh, yeah, that one. I’m in a minority in being less than ecstatic and glowing in my opinion of her work for all the one I’ve read (not the Nebula nominee). Not that the writing was bad, but the sex scenes doubled the length and didn’t add anything, and in general it all added up to: didn’t work for me. Although it pulled some interesting twists on Beauty and the Beast, I didn’t believe the world… the small world of the castle, ok, but not where it intersected the larger world, and it clearly must have … and the characters weren’t anything special. One villain was well done, the other from central casting cardboard division.

    The writer seems to like B&B, variants of that story are all I see on Amazon.

    Hey, Book View Cafe got a book nominated, good for them!

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