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The art show at WindyCon …

You know, at conventions where I drove instead of flew, I usually go through the art show with an eye for things I like enough to buy. Sometimes they’re out of my price range, but I do look. But WindyCon’s art show this year is the only convention I’ve gone to where I wound up bidding on multiple works and going to the auction and everything.

Well, I lost the piece I liked that went to auction. But I did get two other pieces. In case you’d like to see them, I took pictures:


This is “Unbound” by Charles Urbach. Fantasy art involving libraries are so evocative, aren’t they, and this one particularly so.

If there’s a place for it in my library, that’s where I’ll put it. At the moment I have various show pictures of dogs in the library, so not sure. I may move some of those or hang “Unbound” somewhere else.

I also got this one:


This is a piece by Amy Nagi, whose stylized watercolor-ish style doesn’t always for me, but I love this one. If there’s no obvious place to put it in my house, I will hang it in my office. I think it’s neat to have fantasy art in my office.

I didn’t think I should post a picture of a print I don’t own, but you can see the piece that got away from me here. This is by Sarah Clemens. I hope she does more like this.

Now, a comment on the art auction: wow. I didn’t realize that everything that went to auction would sell so high. Everything in the art show that got three bids or more went to auction, and things with an initial bid price of about $5 sold for upwards of $50, sometimes way upwards. If I were an artist, I would absolutely put low initial prices on my works and possibly get friends to put bids on them, in order to get as many as possible into the auction.

Also, the auction was entertaining just to watch. The auctioneers really knew how to work the crowd! I’m going to go to more auctions after this even if I don’t plan to bid on anything.

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