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Superhero alphabet

Check it out! All the letters of the alphabet, re-envisioned with superhero themes. A is for Captain America, obviously, and B is for Batman . . . I have always been a Batman fan, and I like this B a lot:


Some letters must have been pretty tricky, either because no one obvious begins with that letter or because two many superheros begin with that letter.

The G may be my favorite.

Many of these letters are obvious. But many are mysterious to me because I’m not a world authority on superheros. Who is K? Looks alligator-ish. And who is M? I really like N, which looks quite demonic, but what superhero (or villain) starts with N? T, V and Y also baffle me. Still, if I can get 20 out of 26, that’s not bad for a total non-expert like me.

I got the link from tor.com, and they also provide a link if you happen to feel like picking up a print.

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2 Comments Superhero alphabet

  1. elaine t

    Along the left side there’s a list of who goes with what. K appears to be “Killer Croc” whom I have never heard of. I thought M was Capt. Marvel, but it apparently is Mystique.

    I really like the look of the N, and can’t imagine how the artist got the B to look almost cute.

  2. Rachel

    Oh, thanks! I didn’t notice that, obviously. Killer Croc, eh? Sounds . . . semi-ridiculous, but then the Swamp Thing is more cool than one would guess from the name, so who knows?

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