Back to the Future Day

So, as you may remember (or very likely have been reminded via social media), in the movie, the Marty of 1989 went to October 21, 2015, and got a look at the future of flying cars and roboticized dog walkers. What did the movie get right, and what else did it get wrong, about 2015?

If you haven’t already seen a post of this kind, then here’s a good one at The Guardian.

The future he finds is one which has captured the imagination of millions – and one which has proved remarkably prescient. Save for a few key oversights (the internet, mobile phones) and a couple of over-hopeful punts in the dark (flying cars, hoverboards), the world dreamt up by writer Bob Gale and then brought to the screen by director Robert Zemeckis resembles our own in strange and uncanny ways. Here’s an A-Z guide to the gaps between that fictional world and our own, in the hope that inventors will spend the next 10 months wisely.

The single coolest thing I most wish we had today . . . oh, I suppose I’ll be practical and opt for the medical advances referred to in the film. Flying cars would be neat and I would like one, but I would like an (affordable) self-driving car even more. Soon, I hope.

The single coolest thing we DO have today that the movie missed . . . clearly smartphones. And the whole internet, but basically smartphones.

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  1. Kim, that thing is actually kind of scary looking. Not that I wouldn’t try it if I got the chance.

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