One more werewolf title

So, just saw this post at Black Gate, about Dean Koontz’s A WEREWOLF AMONG US, which I’ve never heard of.

It’s an SF / mystery with werewolves, evidently.

The main character is Baker St. Cyr (I smile at the connection to Sherlock Holmes), a cyber-detective who wears a vest-like bio-computer that helps him in his investigations and offers some psych- and dream-analysis to the troubled St. Cyr, who suffers from recurring nightmares. According to the bio-computer, St. Cyr is suffering from paranoia and fears that the symbiote is really a parasite, feeding off him, controlling his thoughts and emotions; at times it does seem that the bio-computer is a drug to which the detective is addicted…. The interplay between man and computer is often interesting and amusing, for the machine acts like his conscience, his overseer, and the second half of his personality.


Actually, the whole thing sounds a bit like a creepy version of the Liaden universe, with Korval replaced by the Alderbans and Jeeves replaced by Teddy, a “Master Unit Robot: a highly intelligent mechanical man that’s a cross between a butler, major domo, and guardian of the estate.”

Ah, I should just mention that I’ve been re-reading all the Liaden books this month and catching up on the ones I hadn’t read (about eight books, I think). But I don’t think I’m wrong. Creepy important family, creepy robot. Also a murder mystery and werewolves. Or possibly werewolves; I gather it’s not clear.

I did mention recently that I prefer Koontz to various other horror authors because I can trust Koontz not to kill my favorite characters. So here: A Koontz werewolf/SF/mystery story, in case any of you feel the same way. Looks like a collector’s item right now, but maybe it’ll be issued as an ebook one of these days.

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