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Sometimes signs are a little more meaningful than perhaps intended

Every now and then someone posts a particularly entertaining sign on Twitter or somewhere — I don’t mean the one that are meant to be funny, like a sign that says “Don’t read this sign” or whatever. I mean, signs that were posted (one supposes) in earnest, but take on a meaning that perhaps the person responsible for the sign did not intend.

Signs like these:


Oookay. You could definitely write a story around that sign. THERE IS NO ESCAPE IN THE BASEMENT. No, indeed. This is actually making me think of movies and tv more than books — and sometimes the person really does escape — I’m thinking of “Scream,” I think, and, oh, that one scene in that great Firefly episode where they steal medical supplies from that hospital and wind up running down many, many stairs to get away from the men with blue hands.

But seriously, if you saw that sign in a building, wouldn’t you wonder for a moment whether you’d stepped into a horror movie? Little chill down the spine there, yes?

Okay, and this one:


Another horror movie vibe here! Who didn’t just think of Stephen King’s Needful Things, eh? This picture would be a great cover for that story, with just a little tweak to the sign. Except seriously, “Normal Things” is even creepier than “Needful Things,” isn’t it?

Especially in this particular storefront. Brr.

Okay, how about this one?


Make you feel a bit odd to live there, wouldn’t it? Kinda makes you want to put at least a footpath out of the dead end . . .

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