Liquid water on Mars

You all probably already know about this, but:

We finally have a firm answer to one of the biggest mysteries of Mars. Not only did the Red Planet have water in the past, but it has it right now, flowing in a briny mix that keeps it from freezing.

Here is the popular article on Popular Mechanics.

And here is the formal article from Nature Geoscience.

Mind you, this is not the kind of water you would want to drink:

[T]his isn’t typical water. Instead, it’s a briny mixture called hydrated salts that move a little more like a fluid than like a liquid. They also only occur seasonally, having not been seen when Mars is in its winter months. The salts allow the water to stay liquid at temperatures down to around -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, interesting! All kinds of news about planets this year, what with Pluto and then Kepler-186f and now Mars.

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