The two-body problem

Via @JonnyGeller on Twitter, a marriage proposal in the form of a formal physics article, such as you’d see in a peer-reviewed journal.

The study began on the 23rd of March, 05, outside a SciSoc BBQ at the Eastern A venue building, when the subject spontaneously appeared in a red coat and grey ‘Paddington bear’ hat and was similarly spontaneously introduced by a local social node. This meeting was under optimal conditions, as it happened to be the rainiest day of the year, and as it was later discovered, hydrometeors excite both subjects. This meeting would have been a fleeting interaction as so many two-body interactions are, but a high level of compatibility coupled with a high rate of interaction due to similar timetables resulted in a local resonance, and eventually a semi-bound state on the 23rd of May, 05.

Amusing and charming!

Here’s the link to the full-sized pdf if you’d like to actually read the (short, one page) paper.

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