Wait, wait, not finished …

Just got Caitlin’s comments on DOOR INTO LIGHT, the HOUSE OF SHADOWS sequel, you know.

What Caitlin said: Everyone’s too passive in this whole half of the plot. Can’t we have an assassination, a coup, an avalanche of disasters?

What I said: Ah, you’re right! So that’s why I felt uneasy about this book!

Major rewrite ensues.

I’m told I am not likely to get actual editorial comments back about MOUNTAIN till the end of September. Well, color me unconcerned about the putative deadline for the finished draft, which was, I believe, in September sometime. Not my fault that I can’t turn a ms. around in a minus number of minutes. It’s fine, though, cause I am in the mood to take apart DOOR INTO LIGHT and put it back together.

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