You know when a series ends and you are sad?

Of course we all hate to see a favorite series end, right?

Well, then, imagine how pleased I was — and I hope you will be — by this announcement from Martha Wells.

Night Shade Books is thrilled to be able to announce the acquisition of World English rights to two new novels from Nebula Award-nominated author Martha Wells, set in the same Three Worlds universe as her popular Raksura books. The first book, The Edge of Worlds, will publish in April 2016, and is the start of a new standalone duology, making it a great entry point for new readers.

I’m pretty sure no one is more pleased about this than me. Except for Martha Wells, obviously.

The cover art hasn’t been released yet, but the book is available for preorder already!

Good for Nightshade Books, good for Martha Wells, and offhand I expect this is the book I’m most looking forward reading to next year.

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