Let there be cake!

Yeah, actually, I’m avoiding sugar this week, but I thought you all deserved a pointer to this delightfully-named cake. The recipe is at Smitten Kitchen and I would never have known about it except for a link via Maureen at By Singing Light.

Blueberry Boy Bait as posted at Smitten Kitchen

I mean, seriously, Boy Bait could have been blueberry gravy for meatloaf, garlic-pickled blueberries for a potato salad or any other unforutnate-sounding blueberry concoctions (though I now suspect it’s just a matter of time before someone emails me a blueberry gravy or pickled blueberry recipe; go on, bring it on, I guess I asked for it) and I probably would have still made it because: boy plus bait. If nothing else, the story would have had a great title.

Yep, great title, and the cake looks good, too, plus Maureen said:

I love the ridiculousness of the name, and the actual cake is SO GOOD. Buttery and delicious, with a little bit of cinnamon. I added more berries than the recipe called for but otherwise made it as written. And then I ate all of it.

Yeah, eating the whole cake, that would be me, which is why I’m not making any cake this week. Or next week. I splurged on ice cream last week and I’m still gently encouraging my weight to go back down. It’s like: one carton of ice cream = two pounds, sometimes three, and then it takes four or five days to coax those pounds back off. It didn’t used to BE that way. This is SO UNFAIR.

Two thumbs down on age-related metabolic changes; two thumbs up on low-carb diets that let you maintain a moderately acceptable weight without starving yourself.

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  1. We used to eat that when I was a child but we called it blueberry slide cake, because one time Mom put the oven rack in off-by-one. It is actually blueberry sheet cake, and it is delicious. Basic ingredients: Cinnamon. Sugar. Blueberries.

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