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Bridges are magical

Really. That’s why you always are dying to run across any bridge you see, right?

Here are a couple of magical bridges I’ve collected from Twitter:


A bridge AND a lighthouse! What could be more magical? We need a white horse on that bridge. I’m thinking the white horse from Helprin’s A WINTER’S TALE would look great on this bridge.


Mmmm. Serene. Who would resist a romantic stroll across this bridge in the springtime?

And my favorite bridge ever, which I would totally put in a book except I’m not sure how to capture it properly in words:

Leshan Bridge

This is Leshan bridge in Sichuan. It is plainly magical. I bet if you cross it at just the right moment, it takes you to an alternate China filled with dragons and phoenixes.

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4 Comments Bridges are magical

  1. Megan

    That’s amazing…. I actually recognize the first bridge. It’s the one at the end of the pier in South Haven, Michigan, and the water is Lake Michigan. I’ve only been there during the day but it’s a nice place to take a trip!

  2. Rachel

    Pete, I was like, does it count as a bridge if it doesn’t go all the way across something? Is there a word for this? But I was too lazy to figure it out. Pier, right. But it still cries out for a beautiful white horse.

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