Are you sure this is the future?

So, if we’re living in the future, where’s all the Cool Stuff? Don’t tell me about smartphones. I’m used to smartphones. What I want is a flying car.

But what I want waaaay more than that is a house where every horizontal surface repels dust.

If you gather from this that I have started dusting a significant number of horizontal surfaces in my house you are right! It is going to take days because I don’t want to do a huge marathon session. Dusting the kitchen island takes 45 minutes (I timed it). Dusting all the other counters and surfaces in and around the kitchen also takes a lot of time, particularly, I admit, when you have to put away accumulated clutter and therefore have to decide where to put everything.

I want the many, many books to repel dust, too. I have about 100 cookbooks displayed on the island, which is why it takes so long to dust; they all have to be picked up and dusted individually before the island itself can be dusted. Then they all have to be put back.

While we’re at it, I want the dogs’ hair to repel mulch bits and damp grass and burrs. I know, I know, I could have Italian Greyhounds and then it wouldn’t be a problem. But do you realize it took 25 minutes to brush the grass bits out of their hair this morning? I knew it was going to be like that because the grass just got mowed a couple of days ago and there’s so much dew. But they really enjoyed their run. Alas, a little too much. I’m sure that bird was dead already or Ish would never have got it. It was totally not his fault. It was a thrush, I think, and it sure seemed old enough to fly. At least he let me have it so I could throw it over the fence. Not sure there’s any imaginable techno-fix for that kind of thing.


If you have a minute, check out this list of Futuristic Stuff via buzzfeed. Me, I particularly admire the wastebasket that moves over to catch the paper you throw at it. I never, ever hit my wastebasket. I always, always have to get up and pick up balled up paper from the floor and put it in there.

The tree removal device is by far the scariest.

The handiest to avoid everyday annoyance is perhaps the zipper. Or the extreme stain resistance of the clothing.

And yes, okay, fine, I do appreciate my smartphone, too.

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2 thoughts on “Are you sure this is the future?”

  1. “Another solution is self-dusting solar panels that are cleaned by an electric charge provided by the solar panels themselves. The self-dusting solar panels are based on technology developed for another dry and dusty environment – Mars.

    “The technology involves placing a transparent, electrically sensitive material deposited on glass or a transparent plastic sheet covering the panels. Sensors monitor dust levels on the surface of the panel and energize the material when dust concentration reaches a critical level. The electric charge sends a dust-repelling wave cascading over the surface of the material, lifting away the dust and transporting it off of the screen’s edges.

    “Within two minutes, the process removes about 90 percent of the dust deposited on the panels and requires only a small amount of electricity generated by the panel for cleaning purposes.”


    Self-dusting houses may not be so far in the future after all (crosses fingers)! Although in a house, you would also need something that attracts the dust that is repelled, like tack cloth with an electric charge. Sounds like something Meralda (All the Paths of Shadow) would invent.

  2. >Self-dusting houses may not be so far in the future after all (crosses fingers)

    Well, faster, please!

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