Ice mountains, canyons, and evidence of geologic activities.

Geologic activity on a tiny little icy planet way out yonder. Who knew?

This active geology needs some source of heat. Previously, such activity has only been seen on icy moons, where it can be explained by “tidal heating” caused by gravitational interactions with a large host planet.

“You do not need tidal heating to power geological activity on icy worlds. That’s a really important discovery we just made this morning,” said Dr Spencer.

They’re talking about the possibility of cryovolcanoes. What a great concept, or at least a great word. Cryovolcanoes! What can those even be? I guess I need to look that up.

UPDATE: Also, a funny Pluto-related What-If at xkcd.

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  1. I will now be disappointed if you don’t somehow work cryovolcano into the next book you write.

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