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I hate to sound unkind, but really?

You remember that guy a couple years ago who bought a couple fluffy white ferrets because he was told they were poodle puppies?


Of course a lot of the people who laughed about this declared mockingly that he had been duped and mistaken rodents for puppies, which doesn’t do much for their reputation, either, as everyone (surely?) knows ferrets are mustelids — weasels — not even vaguely similar to rodents. Also, it’s true the ferrets were white and fluffed up and fed steroids to make them plump, so they didn’t look a lot like normal healthy ferrets, either. Though . . . still, not much like puppies.

Anyway, that guy seems to have been joined in his inability to recognize a dog by a man in China who raised a couple of bear cubs for years thinking they were dogs.


Mind you, the linked article implies that he should have guessed his puppies were actually bears when they turned out to have an inclination toward catching and eating chickens. Uh, really, can the author be unaware that from time to time real dogs also enjoy catching and eating chickens? There are lots of distinguishing characteristics between bears and dogs, but that is not one of them.

To be fair, I hardly know whether this man had picture books with the Chinese equivalent of “B is for Bear” in them when he was growing up. Though he found out his mistake by going to a wildlife exhibit, so apparently wildlife exhibits might have been around? If you never see a bear, then I guess you might not know what bears look like? On the other hand, bears really do not look like or behave like dogs.

Well, it’s hard to imagine, but then you do apparently really get guys shooting cows because they think they’re deer.

I personally met a woman who had a “Standard Chihuahua” that was actually a Boston Terrier. At least it was actually a dog.

I do wonder what we’ll hear of next. Someone buying a goat because they’re told they’re getting a great deal on a rare Icelandic pony?

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2 Comments I hate to sound unkind, but really?

  1. Mike S.

    “I have here a rare polled unicorn, which due to my current unfortunate circumstances I am forced to part with at a fraction of its true value…”

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