Welcome to the future —

Look at this: an army of giant robot ants

Someday, just maybe, the modern factory worker could be replaced completely by technology. It’s a scary thought for some. What’s creepier still is that the factory worker of the future could be an ant. Actually, an army of artificially intelligent cyborg ants. Synthetic critters that are smart enough to work together to crush a common goal.

Gosh, I . . . can’t wait?

Anyway, these little guys — not so little; the size of your hand, more or less — were the brainchildren of a German engineering company called Festo.

You know, when I think of living in the future, here’s what I want:

Self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars that fly.

Eternal youth and health.

Matter replicators that end resource scarcity.

Not previously on my list: giant robot ants. But as evidence that we are living in the future, well, they certainly do that.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the future —”

  1. We’re also apparently about to see the US and Japan square off with giant fighting robots, so evidently it’s an anime future.

    (Giant robots. Robot ants. Hunter-killer drones. Headless, quadruped robots that can run down a human. It’s like none of these people has ever watched a movie.)

  2. YES! It’s so funny because the disaster novels and postapocalyse novels, they write themselves!

  3. Katie Patchell

    Do you know when the paperback of Pure Magic will be released? I know the Kindle copy’s out already, but I’d much rather have a copy of the book I can hold (and yep–add to my hoard). :D In the meantime I’ll re-read Black Dog…

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