Ah, Barbara Hambly’s got a new one just about out —


A Darkness On His Bones. Well, that’s an evocative title.

Simon. Something frightful has happened to Jamie. Please come…When James Asher is found unconscious in the cemetery of the Church of St. Clare Pieds-Nus with multiple puncture-wounds in his throat and arms, his wife, Lydia, knows of only one person to call: the vampire Don Simon Ysidro. Old friend and old adversary, he is the only one who can help Lydia protect her unconscious, fevered husband from the vampires of Paris. Why James has been attacked – and why he was called to Paris in the first place – Lydia has no idea. But she knows that she must find out, and quickly. For with James wavering between life and death, and war descending on the world, their slim chance of saving themselves from the vampires grows slimmer with each passing day…

I’m not quite sure when this title is actually going to be released. Amazon says October, but I got a notice from Goodreads that says June 26th. That’s a pretty massive difference. I’m going to try to remember to check again next week and see if it’s actually out or not. Then I’ll have my modern dilemma: order it in paper to match the others? Or on Kindle because it’s cheaper and quicker?

Also, due to recent distractions beyond my control, I am now officially behind where I want to be with THE WHITE ROAD OF THE MOON. So if the book does come out in a few days, that will lead to another dilemma: read it now or let it wait? Maybe I had better let it be a bribe-to-myself for finishing the rough draft of THE WHITE ROAD.

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2 thoughts on “Ah, Barbara Hambly’s got a new one just about out —”

  1. The pub date is listed as Oct 1. It’s available in Netgalley, if you’re on that. I read it over the weekend, and thought it was excellent.

  2. Hi, Laurel — I’m not on Netgalley, and seriously, I have piles o’ books and a definite need to focus on my own work. But I do wonder why it come up as due to be released this month if it’s not actually out till Fall . . . and if it does turn out to be officially out in a few days, I’ll probably give up trying to wait and read it! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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