A quick note about the next couple of weeks

I just wanted to let you all know that I may be out of touch with the internet for a week or two, starting sometime next week. I will no doubt go not only into internet-withdrawal, but into blog-withdrawal! But on the other hand, I will probably be getting an awful lot of writing done, which would be a good thing.

I bet there’s a way to set up WordPress to post stuff on a pre-set schedule, but I don’t know how, I don’t write posts that far ahead of time anyway, and I can’t access comments from home regardless.

So if I seem to vanish, sorry, but it’s not unexpected, it won’t mean anything too dramatic is going on, and I’ll be back in ten days or two weeks or something on that general scale.

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3 thoughts on “A quick note about the next couple of weeks”

  1. Not sure if all WordPress back-ends are created equal, but if you did want to schedule something ahead of time, there’s a little ‘Edit’ link on the right where the ‘Publish’ button is along with the date and time (on the screen where you add a new post).

  2. Hi, Mona — yes, I’m sure, but it’s never been important enough for me to figure it out. Maybe I’ll try it eventually, though.

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