Can Buzzfeed guess where you live based on your taste in books?

I got this entertaining link via Book Riot.

“Can we guess where you live based on your taste in books?”

Answer, for me: Not even close.

This quiz consists of only a handful of questions: Which of these classics is your favorite, where’s your favorite place to read, which of these contemporary authors do you like best, what type of protagonist do you prefer reading about, what’s your favorite indie bookstore, which of these quotes most speaks to you?

I actually had read almost all of those classics. The question did ask: which is your favorite? Not: Which do you think is the best? Or: Which do you think is the most important literary work? Since I didn’t actually like most of them, Huck Finn was an easy choice for me.

I had not read most of the contemporary titles they picked, and of the ones I had read, I had to go with Ender’s Game. It’s the only SFF title you can select.

There aren’t any Indie bookstores within eighty miles of me, so it would be hard to say I have a “favorite.”

Anyway, I got the Pacific Northwest. This is dead wrong (as you may know, I live in southern Missouri). My take: it is, of course, utterly ludicrous to think you’d be able to set up a six-question quiz on reading tastes that could peg readers to their geographical region. People are just too variable in their reading tastes.

If you’re curious, well, it’s only six questions. Click through and find out whether the quiz works better for you than it did for me!

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2 thoughts on “Can Buzzfeed guess where you live based on your taste in books?”

  1. “The Mountain States” (wrong)

    But I liked the disclaimer: “You live in one of the most interesting geographical regions in the country, and that’s how you like your books — always switching things up and keeping you on your toes. The landscape around you is so beautiful that you also have high standards for the writing in books you read.”

  2. Yes, I bet their accuracy is roughly equivalent to chance. I wonder if it’s possible that someone somewhere actually thinks that being surrounded by a beautiful landscape inclines a reader to prefer beauty in writing? Cause that notion makes me roll my eyes.

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