Mist in the banner

Well, I like that a lot better. A LOT BETTER. I looked at lots of mist, I must say. Like this:


I really liked this, but it turns out that it’s hard to read print against this kind of dramatic background. Too bad!

And this:

images (1)

More landscape-y. I like the open gate type of image, but I really wanted a more abstract kind of mist.

So, I hope you like the one up there at the top of the post. I do. Maybe eventually I’ll find one (or buy one) with rainbow-colored mist and a dragon, like so:


Except a prettier dragon, and sort of transparent. With feathers . . . wait, am I getting too picky?

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4 thoughts on “Mist in the banner”

  1. It’s a very good dragon. The wings look big enough (channeling the Teen who has strong and vocal opinions about wings). Please no feathers, though.

    I really like the pop of color at the top. Brings the page to life.

    In general I like the redesign, and now you’ve got the number of comments to show again, so I’m happy. I’ve seen other blogs change to very busy redesigns where the top post cycles through a banner – I hate those and was hoping you wouldn’t do that sort of thing.

  2. I like the top cycling through different banners — but not on the blog part. On the home page it’s okay, I think. You don’t stay on that page very long. A simpler banner works for me on the blog part, but not TOO simple. I think the mist looks good; glad you agree.

    Part of the point was to streamline and — at least as important — make the site easier to read on mobile devices. It certainly did that. It looks far, far better on my phone now. Plus there was just no reason to emphasize the Griffin Mage trilogy any more.

    Elaine, the dragons in The Floating Islands are feathered! That’s why I thought of feathers. In general I like a sleep, elegant dragon — and I’m okay with them flying by magic, so it’s not crucial for me that the wings be literally big enough.

  3. sheepish… I’d forgotten, but of course, that’s where the humans got the feathers on the wings. There it worked. obviously it’s time to reread that book.

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