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What do you think?

Does this redesign strike you all as elegantly simple or boring? Comment, please. I may add a more artistic banner later. At the moment I’m thinking a swirl of mist. But we’ll see!

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9 Comments What do you think?

  1. David H.

    I like the design overall, font looks good. Artistic banner would probably help a bit–are you thinking that a “real-color” mist swirl, or something derived from your latest cover reveal? I think the latter would stand out more. :)

  2. Mary Anne

    It’s easier on the eyes to read. But it needs just a little punch – the mist from your upcoming cover would be great.

  3. Robert+Massey

    The lighter background is certainly easier to read, but yeah, a different banner would be nice.

  4. Macsbrains

    The light-colored texts (the dates, previous/next post heading, and the description under your name) are pretty invisible against the light background. Obviously, monitors differ and your mileage may vary, but I think it’s better to err on the side of readability.

    I miss the dynamic orange, but overall the layout has more clarity now.

  5. mona

    It’s a much more inviting layout. I actually like the subtle banner at the top. But the light-colored text is pretty invisible on my screen. And as others noticed, it could use some oomph. Maybe griffin-orange could replace the invisible text color ;)

    There are also some areas on the site (Books section announcing forthcoming books, quote in previous blog post) where the text is HUGE and way in your face. Although as macsbrain said, your mileage may vary.

    The lack of a definite end to the blog post confused me for a sec, which may just stem from this particular post being so short. It may also be a result of the invisible text. I looked at a longer post, and it was okay.

    I like the font, and the texture in the background is a very nice touch. The menu bar and side bar look perfect, and I love that the menu bar follows as you scroll. I also really like that the “Post Comment” and “Search” buttons have borders. Catchy.

    Last suggestion: a better (i.e. fantastical) placeholder image next to commenters’ names. Maybe.

  6. Rachel

    Thank you all for your comments! Yes, I greatly prefer having the number of comments posted on the main blog page and I definitely agree about the dates needing to be in a much darker font.

    Does the size of the text in the block quotes now work for you? Cause I think it is still a little big.

    Banner: working on it. I’m so busy right now what with one thing and another, it might be a little while. What I’d really like is a swoosh of rainbow mist with a dragon or something flying through it. I don’t know how easy that would be, but I’ll look into it.

    Mona, yes, I would like a dragon or griffin or something as a placeholder by commenter’s names. Better, a rotating set of placeholder icons. I’ll ask about that.

  7. mona

    The size of the text in the block quotes is much better now.

    Btw, in case you want to change it, the icon at the top of the page (the tab where the page name is) is still a griffin eye.

  8. Rachel

    I agree, Mona! It was big enough to just about knock you out of your chair before.

    I kinda like the griffin eye. But even though I really wanted rainbow mist for the banner, btw it turned out to be hard to read print against a rainbow of color, so . . . plain mist-mist. I like it, though.

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