The Martian is heading for the big screen —

I’m sure you all knew already that Weir’s THE MARTIAN was going to be a movie. I always seem to hear about these things a year after everyone else already knows. But!

Via BookRiot, here is the official trailer for the movie.

Looks awesome. I’m totally going to go see it. I won’t even wait two years after everyone else already saw it. Probably.

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2 thoughts on “The Martian is heading for the big screen —”

  1. I finally read The Martian at the beginning of the year, and then I looked it up on Wikipedia and found out about the movie. I thought, How is this movie coming out this fall already? Didn’t this book just come out?! Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to it. Trailer looks like fun.

  2. David, that’s exactly what I thought. I only just read The Martian last fall; I was really startled to see not just a movie in the works but an official trailer that’s already out.

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