Cover reveal!

Okay, this surprised me, because the release date is still 9 months in the future, but I checked and it is okay for me to post this. So, HERE


Okay! Isn’t that beautiful? I think it is not only beautiful, but different and eye-catching. I think the artist was clever to avoid any human figure; I think this cover will stand out wonderfully from the crowd. I also think this pale, pale cover will catch the eye, and the colored mist will look good on the shelf and entice readers to pick it up. Then I think the items in the background will be interesting and make potential readers open the book and read a few pages.

The band of colored mist goes across the spine, too, which I hope will make it stand out to the casual browser.

In the story, the mist is, you know, mist-colored. But this is a brilliant interpretation by the artist, imo.

I put the picture in full-sized to be sure you’d be able to see the three objects in the background — the pen, the watch, and the key. Those are all important items in the story, totally appropriate for the cover.

I just could not be more pleased with this. I’m not sure it beats THE FLOATING ISLANDS for my favorite cover ever, but . . . it might.

MIST is the first book I ever wrote with just one point-of-view protagonist, btw. That was interesting to me personally; I mean, that I never felt the impulse to switch to another pov. Oddly, my other RH title, THE WHITE ROAD OF THE MOON, is apparently going to be the second book I write with just one pov protagonist. I didn’t expect that, but I’m nearly 200 pp into it and, yeah, just one protagonist so far, so that is pretty conclusive.

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10 thoughts on “Cover reveal!”

  1. I’m so excited! :) And I agree that it is a really lovely cover. I’m quite intrigued!

  2. Cool! I’m glad you provided the list of background objects, because I could not figure out what the pen was.

    It’s very striking, but I think The Floating Islands cover is more beautiful. It may be part-nostalgia. I loved all those Yes album covers by Roger Dean.

  3. Robert, I also love those album covers and that is exactly where the idea for THE FLOATING ISLANDS came from, before I had a plot of any kind to go with the image.

  4. Really? That’s awesome!

    Sooo, any chance of another Floating Islands book? :)

  5. Actually . . . there is a 100% chance of another Floating Islands book, eventually. The story about why there isn’t one yet is too long and complicated to go into, and it will definitely be a couple more years even in the best case, but yes, there will be a second. Maybe even a third, but that I can’t promise.

  6. Cool! I figured you were probably busy with all the other books you are writing, and I wasn’t sure if you ever planned to revisit that world.

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