Patience, please

Your continuing patience, though involuntary I suppose, is appreciated. I now have the cover, but it is refusing to load. Also, although I’m now also paragraphing exactly as the Kindle people suggest, the paragraph indents are all wrong in the Kindle preview for no obvious reason. I’m sure the helpful Kindle customer service people will figure this out soon.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see the various versions of the cover.

The extremely dark first version:

Pure Magic 1 - draft 1

The second version, with more light:


The version with people added:


The front cover of the paperback, with the title:


The back cover copy:

Following the defeat of their deadly enemy Malvern Vonhausel, Alejandro and Natividad – and their human brother, Miguel – have begun to feel that, against all odds, they may have succeeded in making a new home for themselves among the black dogs of Dimilioc. But keeping that home safe involves challenges they never anticipated. It’s bad enough that stray black dogs, taking advantage of Dimilioc’s weakness, are appearing everywhere; much worse are powerful rivals who would tear Dimilioc down entirely and claim Dimilioc’s authority for their own.

Then Dimilioc is shaken by the arrival of someone unexpected: Justin, who is both Pure and male; who is at once wholly ignorant of traditional Pure magic, yet uniquely talented; and who becomes immediately both a source of contention within and a potential asset for all of Dimilioc.

Then, as it becomes clear that Dimilioc has an unexpected and much more serious enemy, Natividad decides that, whatever the cost, both she and Dimilioc are going to need every asset they can gather. If Dimilioc black dogs won’t risk Natividad in battle, if Justin won’t help Dimilioc, if everyone won’t pull together voluntarily – then Natividad has a plan …

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2 thoughts on “Patience, please”

  1. Natividad has a plan, oh dear. Will she bring Ezekiel in on it?
    That house/building on the cover, and the landscape looks like the Southwest, not Vermont. Waiting…. waiting…

    Coincidentally over at Passive Voice today, there’s an article about Amazon rolling out a brand new layout engine for Kindle today: But today, Amazon is making a big step towards better typography on the Kindle. Not only are they unveiling Bookerly, the first typeface designed for the Kindle for scratch, but they’re finally solving the Kindle’s typesetting problems with an all-new layout engine that introduces better text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning, and more.

    Maybe if you just wait a bit it will all fall into place with the new engine.

  2. Hah, too late! It’s worked out now, thankfully. The Amazon customer service people really are very good.

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