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Artistic invention: gryphons

Via a link from tor.com, this tumblr: gryphons made by combining various species and breeds of cats with various species of birds. The most peculiar is the ostrich-tiger thing. My favorite is the peregrine-cheetah, which almost looks like it could work:


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  1. Hanneke

    These are fun. I never thought of such different types! The hummingbird kind seems especially unlikely, somehow, but the catparrot is a fun one. It’s got a powerful dangerous beak instead of the nice-to-scritch pussycat ears and chin, but I wonder about its diet. A raptor and cat combo would agree on their diets, but a seed-eater and a meat-eater? With the brain and beak both being the bird, I guess that one would be a vegetarian gryphon, but it would be difficult to get enough energy for flying that way.

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