Pure Magic: update

I need to tell you all:

The cover is taking a bit longer than I had expected. I’ve asked the artist to give me a definite date, and I will pass that on to you all when I know. In the meantime . . . I’m sorry for the delay. Believe me, it’s killing me to wait. I feel like this:


I hope you all do, too. But I hope it won’t be much longer.

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3 thoughts on “Pure Magic: update”

  1. Nooooooooo! I was really hoping I would have Pure Magic on my kindle for my plane ride to Italy on the 19th. Now what am I going to read?? (Okay, I do actually have other books I want to read; the situation is not desperate.)

    And hey, now the anticlimax of coming home from the trip will be alleviated by the anticipation of finally finding out what happens to Justin. (I wouldn’t be feeling nearly so frustrated if you hadn’t given us that teaser chapter!)

  2. Sorry, Kim! I also said Nooooooo! when the artist told me she just wasn’t ready yet.

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