Must be spring, cause there goes the internet

So, yesterday it was still possible to get my computer to tether to my phone and join The Great Collective. This morning, no.

I could have gone out on the deck and tried it, but it was raining.

Well, there we go. From the middle of May to the middle of November, no internet for me. From home, I mean. And yes even I can still get email via my phone, though generally hours after it was sent, unless I’m outside.

Ah, the dark ages!

In a practical sense, this just means that I will not be posting on weekends (unless I happen to take my laptop with me when I drive to town for some other reason.) Also, if you leave a comment, I may not be able to even look at it, much less answer it, till the next workday. So if I seem to leave comments hanging for a day or two, that will be why.

THE PROS: Well, it’s easy not to get distracted by the internet if you basically lack access. And I guess it’s a good thing to focus less on social media and more on actual people who are physically present?

THE CONS: Wow, it is so annoying not to be able to look up the weight of a sword or the gestation period of an elephant or a map of downtown St. Louis without getting up and going outside. Twitter is now strictly an outdoor thing, too. Also, though I haven’t exactly spent the winter streaming videos on my laptop, now I’m going to wonder why I let the chance go since I won’t be able to do it again till Fall.

Every spring for the past couple of years I’ve thought of maybe getting one of those gadgets that is supposed to boost cell signal. I never have bothered so far, but I have to say, it’s tempting. Have any of you used one of those? Are they easy to install and do they work?

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4 thoughts on “Must be spring, cause there goes the internet”

  1. I have no experience myself, but the people who wrote this blog post do, and seem to have gotten some benefit from a cell signal booster.

    The manufacturer, Wilson Electronics (now apparently renamed WeBoost, ), seems to get good reviews for its products on Amazon. (Though as they say, “further research is needed”. :-) )

    Are there any other cell providers in your area that you could try, or is it Hobson’s choice? (I’m assuming that terrestrial internet via DSL or cable isn’t an option.)

  2. Thanks, Mike. No better options for cell reception seem to be available, and I don’t have or want cable. I’ll check out your link!

  3. We don’t need it at home, but when Dad was dying at their home the house didn’t have good cell reception so my brothers set up one of those boosters. It definitely helped – we could make calls from the house instead of having to go out the front door, as the driveway was the only place with reception.

    Definitely check out boosters.

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