Oh, funny: stories embedded in search terms

I found this at Chuck Wendig’s blog:

Search History:

Cat armor

Buy armor for cats

Cat jousting tournaments

How to stop armored cats

Cat army how to stop

national guard phone #

— Alone Shark (@AbrasiveGhost) April 26, 2015

I laughed out loud. Really.

Of course Chuck immediately ran a search-term-story challenge. Wow, I am so bad at this kind of thing, it’s ridiculous. It amazes me how many people took up the challenge, so the comment thread is hysterical. Also, I am now familiar with a pop culture reference I’d previously never heard of: lemon party. I don’t recommend you google that, incidentally. I hope I didn’t get a virus on my computer.

I like Pavowki’s entries the best. And Rowan’s.

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