Whew, my summer is now in order —

Okay, I’ve gotten a definite two-thumbs-up from my Knopf editor: THE WHITE ROAD OF THE MOON is a go. That’s a relief! I *thought* she would like it and feel that it fit the imprint, but then, I’ve thought that before.

It’s a relief because, although it’s still mostly unwritten, I have a lot to go one with — the first hundred pages, plus a lot of scenes and basic ideas about the plot. If Michelle had given WHITE ROAD a thumbs-down, I would now be planning to start a different novel from scratch.

This one is due to Knopf in September. This gives me practically all the time in the world to work on it. I don’t want to let time get away from me, but I am thinking that I may glance over it during the first half of May, get moving on it during the second half of May, and then take an easier pace to finish it during June and July. Even if other things take over my life for a bit — there is some potential for craziness in early June — then I should still be pulling WHITE ROAD together pretty much on time.

So, good news! I hope I enjoy writing this one, and I think I will.

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