Oh, good, Brontosaurus was always the better name

Over at tor.com, a post noting that new data suggests that Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were two distinct species.

This pleases me partly because I like the name “thunder lizard” and partly because it gives me a chance to post this picture, also up at tor.com, because it is just a great picture:


Isn’t that simply amazing? While I wouldn’t care to have dinosaurs wandering through modern-day Missouri, it IS a shame that we don’t have a lost continent where that whole array of animals and plants still exists.

Incidentally, the stupidest line in “Jurassic Park” was “Don’t worry, honey. It’s a herbivore. It won’t hurt you.” I charitably assume that he was just trying to be reassuring and wouldn’t actually encourage a child to try to pat a Cape buffalo, a zebra stallion, a rhino, a hippo or one of the other EXTREMELY DANGEROUS herbivores that actually exist.

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