Or close enough to spring, anyway.

I hope we are all done with snow by this time, because it’s time for us all to make strawberry shortcakes. I personally feel that you shouldn’t get too fancy with strawberry shortcake. Freshly baked biscuits, which can be sweeter than usual; scones if you prefer. Not cake. Slice the biscuits in half, layer the bottom half with sliced, sweetened strawberries, put the top back on, spoon more strawberries over. Top with sweetened whipped cream, not cool whip. I personally beat 1 C of cream with 1/4 C of sugar and a half tsp or so of vanilla. Anyway, bake the biscuits, assemble the shortcakes, and serve at once, possibly with a little crocus floating in a bowl of water for a centerpiece. Because, spring!

If you want to celebrate spring with something fancier, perhaps this strawberry coconut pie, offered here by Julie at WillowBird Baking, in one of the most charming blog posts I’ve ever seen.

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