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A truly must see cat gif

You know, I only just recently looked at some pictures of The Snow in the Northeast. Wow, people. “Eight feet” looks like a lot more in pictures than I vaguely had in mind when I just heard you guys got a lot of snow.

I, being me, immediately started wondering how in the world people were coping with their pets? If you have a fenced yard, great, but how do you clear an area so that your dog can go out to do his business? If you don’t have a fenced yard, how in the world are you managing?

We just got four or five more inches here in MO, but that’s fine. It’s just snow. MODoT has been pretty good this winter for keeping the roads in good shape, so we may not even have a snow day tomorrow. In fact, I’ll probably take the dogs out for a run later because the new snow on top of the solid 2 inches of ice already on the ground improves traction a great deal, when you’re on foot.

Anyway, this does not answer the question of how dog owners are coping in the Northeast, but as cat gifs go, well, enjoy!


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