Balloons are magical

I’m busy busy busy, and in between business I am re-reading AKH’s Bones of the Fair because I was just in the mood, so no time right this minute to write a post on The Five Best and Five Worst Fantasy Cities to Live In, though that was tempting as soon as I thought of it.

Instead, for the moment, let me share with you a few pictures I have accumulated and have not found a reason to post:




There’s just something about balloons, especially with light and cliffs. Don’t tell me about updrafts and all that stuff. They are plainly magical.

Incidentally, balloon rides are evidently a Thing in Cappadocia, Turkey. Which would be a seriously cool place to visit someday. If I ever do make it to Turkey, I will definitely be up for a balloon ride.

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3 thoughts on “Balloons are magical”

  1. One reason that I love my apartment is its east facing windows. Not only can I watch the sun rise while eating breakfast, but most mornings I can see balloons too! Sometimes they’re way off in the distance, but occasionally they pass so close that it seems as if I could almost touch them from my balcony. :-)

  2. Where I live, there is a thriving business providing dawn balloon rides over the city whenever it’s not too windy.
    My heart lifts whenever I see them. I agree – balloons are magical!

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