Actually quite a few notable March releases —

Well, well, people keep sending me links and notes about upcoming titles for March, and there are more must-buys on the list than I expected.

Not only do we have The Voyage of the Basilisk, Shadow Scale, and Pyramids of London, we also have:

Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein.


AND we also have Jinx’s Fire by Sage Blackwood.


About time. I’m worried about Simon, who was caught in a pretty nasty trap at the end of the last book.

Also, Dead Heat, the latest installment in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series, is out in March.

Not only that, but Vision in Silver is coming out from Anne Bishop. That’s the third book in her enormously catchy “Others” series. I’m dying to read it, despite the worldbuilding implausibility, and not every author can make me just look away from implausibility and enjoy the story.

I should write a post about that sometime because now that I think about it, I can think of other authors who are like that for me and I think I can see at least some of what they’re doing successfully that makes their books work for me.

Okay, and while I’m at it, let me add that Tracker, the 16th Foreigner novel, is supposed to be coming out in early April, so there’s that, too.

This is why I never bother to declare a moratorium on buying new books while I whittle down my various TBR piles. There’s just no hope of any such moratorium sticking for more than a week or two.

Anybody else got a March release they’re really looking forward to?

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4 thoughts on “Actually quite a few notable March releases —”

  1. A new Elizabeth Wein?? Where? When? How? Must go find it!

    I’ve already read Shadow Scale (is there a gloating emoticon I could insert here?). Very much looking forward to Pyramids of London, and I really need to start reading the Marie Brennan series.

    (Oooh, Jinx is available at my library. Sometimes I love the internet.)

  2. Kim, glad to hear that Shadow Scale is good! I really enjoyed Seraphina, but now I’m glad I put off reading it for so long, since I don’t have to wait long at all for the sequel.

    You will love Jinx. It’s right up there with DWJ, imo. Not that I want to raise your expectations so high they can’t be met, but really, I loved it.

  3. That’s five immediate buys for me, in this one post; and more word-of-mouth in action.
    I read Sage Blackwood and Anne Bishop’s Other books because of your recommendation, and liked them enough to continue buying and reading.
    Andrea K. Host was already an auto-buy author for me; I started reading her on Estara’s recommendation. And to put the middle link into that chain, I found you and your books through Andrea Host’s recommendation and link.
    Patricia Briggs became an auto-buy author for me when I discovered her on a recommendation from C.J.Cherryh, through who’s blog I also discovered that Estara wrote great reviews/recommendations that I could trust. And that leads me back to you, who do the same.

    This whole community of people exchanging information and views about books which I might like has enriched my life so much – I don’t share most of my book taste with most of the people around me here, though a few share small sections of it (just the fact that I’m reading in English puts off most acquaintances, even the bookstore-people). So I never had anyone to share my enthousiasms with, and get good new ideas for other books to read from, before I found you and a few others on the internet. I’m so glad you’re willing to share your enthousiasm with us!
    And that you tolerate my burbling on occasion, given that I never quite learned how one is to go about sharing this enthousiasm for a book or an author or an idea without becoming tiresome or going off on tangents or getting spoilery or suchlike. Thank you!

  4. Hanneke, I know! Word-of-mouth has completely replaced actual browsing for me because I live so far from bookstores — and anyway, I trust the recommendations of certain bloggers way more than the preferences of the people who make buying decisions for bookstores.

    Also, I enjoy burbling. :)

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