Writers as barbarian conquerers

This post by Marie Bilodeau at Black Gate is entertaining:

Writing a novel re-envisioned as barbarian conquest —

This is where you plunge in and WRITE! KILL! DESTROY! Your armies are in place. Your knights are totally rocking it! Your archers are shooting those little wooden arrows like they can’t run out AND THEY DON’T BECAUSE IT’S YOUR BOOK!


My favorite bit is this one:

Don’t trust the distractions. Off in the distance, there will be other Fortresses of Manuscript, with large open doors and inviting fields of green. There may be enticing scantily clad people on top, dancing their cultic dances with colorful veils and shiny ribbons. There will be candy and chocolate. And flowers. The other fortresses will show you some leg and make promises of success.

That is so true! In an entirely overdone metaphorical way. Thanks to commenter Robert for pointing this post out to me.

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