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Myers-Briggs and the Lord of the Rings

So, Cheryl reminds me about the Myers-Briggs test: which Harry Potter character are you? I said to myself, how about other fandoms? Because how about The Lord of the Rings, right?

And here it is! Which Lord of the Rings character are you?

I was rather hoping I’d get Aragorn, but I guess I’ll settle for Elrond. He’s kind of sanctimonious imo, but he’ll do.

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4 Comments Myers-Briggs and the Lord of the Rings

  1. Maureen E

    I’m Galadriel, apparently, which does make sense and is quite pleasing. Galadriel is actually one of my favorite characters in Tolkien, and is pretty awesome.

  2. Cheryl L

    I got Aragorn. But given that I was told my character type should never be placed in a position of authority, I’m not sure that Aragorn is the best choice to represent ISTJ…

  3. Rachel

    I like Galadriel better in the books than in the movie. I like Aragorn in both, but . . . “should never be placed in a position of authority”? Sounds like trouble.

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