Myers-Briggs and the Lord of the Rings

So, Cheryl reminds me about the Myers-Briggs test: which Harry Potter character are you? I said to myself, how about other fandoms? Because how about The Lord of the Rings, right?

And here it is! Which Lord of the Rings character are you?

I was rather hoping I’d get Aragorn, but I guess I’ll settle for Elrond. He’s kind of sanctimonious imo, but he’ll do.

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4 thoughts on “Myers-Briggs and the Lord of the Rings”

  1. I’m Galadriel, apparently, which does make sense and is quite pleasing. Galadriel is actually one of my favorite characters in Tolkien, and is pretty awesome.

  2. I got Aragorn. But given that I was told my character type should never be placed in a position of authority, I’m not sure that Aragorn is the best choice to represent ISTJ…

  3. I like Galadriel better in the books than in the movie. I like Aragorn in both, but . . . “should never be placed in a position of authority”? Sounds like trouble.

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